3 and 5 reel slots

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Casinos are the specialised centres for playing gambling games. Slot machines are one of the most popular games found in many casinos.

The question arises that why are these simple machines so popular. The reason is Slots are simple and easy to enjoy. The important thing is that the user or player will be able to choose many options and many different gaming varieties. Online casinos also provide an opportunity for the player to play at any time day or night. These types of slot machines have a long play time and you can play any time you want. Both types of slot games have their own charm and attraction.


Types of Casinos Games for players

There are varieties of slots available to play. However, there are two main types of slot machines, three reels and 5 reels. The difference between these two types is the number of slots. Three slot machines were the first machine introduced by Charles Fey while five slot machines are a more modern video slot. It is up to the player that which type of slot machine he wants to play.


3 reel slot machine for players and its offers

3 reel slot machines are the simple and attractive machines. In these types of slot machine, there are only three reels and one pay line. 3 slot machines is the most attractive looking machine, with spinning reels and with a real lever to pull. In reality the wheel spins. The position of the landing is already determined. Usually 3 reel slots have jackpots and bonuses. There are many players who prefer the 3 reel slots. Players like the simplicity and classical look of these games. They appreciate the simplicity of this machine. The 3 reel slot also offers multi pay line, but mostly people love to play single pay line.

3 reel slot machine


5 reel slot machine and its offers

5 reel slot machines are also known as “Video slot”. It is more complex and advanced than 3 slot machines. 5 reel slot machines are automatic or held by the computer having no physical wheel spinning. Some people prefer this 5-reel slot machine to 3 reel slot machine. 5 reel slot machines games often offer large jackpots. Everything in the 5 reels game is computerised and you have large number of rare combinations that are not present in any other slot machine. You can enjoy many features in addition to these mentioned here. Next time you go to a casino opt for the 5 reels game and you will surely love it.

5 reel slot machine

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